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How to Recover upto 2x Times In Revenue From Shopify Chargeback Disputes? And Pay Us Only When You Get Your Money Back*
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Fighting Alone To Recover Shopify Fees?

Are you fighting alone to reclaim Shopify fees such as chargebacks? Are you stressed and worried by the number of fee recovery cases you have to file with Shopify to get back your money? Do you see the following shopify payments chargeback reasons such as:

  • #1: Fraudulent Transaction ✔
    A fraudulent transaction chargeback happens if the cardholder does not authorize the charge. Fraudulent chargebacks are at the top of the list for all Shopify payments disputes and often occur if the card was stolen. According to research, actual fraud accounts for only 29-30% of total fraud losses for e-commerce. 71% of digital commerce losses result from chargeback fraud and friendly fraud.

  • #2: Transaction Unrecognized ✔
    An Unrecognized Transaction chargeback means the cardholder does not recognize the transaction, vendor’s name, etc., as stated on the bill. You can minimize this with a concrete merchant descriptor. Equally important, get authorization from the cardholder, and use CVS and CVV.

  • #3: Duplicate Charge ✔
    Shopify marks the chargeback as Duplicate if the cardholder believes the merchant charged them twice for the same transaction. This chargeback can result from a simple human error of the merchant failing to void multiple billing. It could also be that the merchant tried to process numerous transactions fraudulently, or the consumer authorized the transactions but later retracted them.

  • #4: Canceled Subscription ✔
    A Canceled Subscription chargeback happens if the cardholder believes the merchant charged for a subscription after they canceled the subscription. It can equally mean that the client expected the merchant to send a reminder before a recurring charge, but they did not receive any notification. A well-crafted subscription cancellation policy can save you lots of headaches in this instance.


  • #5: Product Not Delivered ✔
    A Product Not Delivered chargeback means the customer believes they did not receive the goods or services they purchased.Vendors that do not have a well-drafted shipping and order fulfillment policy are susceptible to this category of Shopify chargebacks. And according to available industry data, over a quarter (26%) of all chargebacks result from a product not being delivered.

  • #6: Product Unacceptable ✔
    Shopify classifies the chargeback as Product Unacceptable if the cardholder feels they received the product alright, but it was defective, damaged, counterfeit, or not as the vendor described them. This category of Shopify payments chargeback often results from poor product descriptions or strict return policies.

    You must ensure that your product descriptions are well-crafted and accurately describe the product sold. And ensure that your return policy isn’t letting you down, as research shows that merchants shipping the wrong product is the reason behind 15% of all chargebacks. Plus, 8% of chargebacks happen when a purchase doesn’t meet a customer’s expectations or the product does not match the description the vendor advertised on the website.

  • #7: Credit Not Processed ✔
    If the customer returned the product they purchased or canceled the transaction, and the merchant has not yet refunded or credited the customer, Shopify will mark the chargeback as Credit Not Processed. Another cause of this category of Shopify payments chargeback is when the vendor issued the disputed credit but didn’t make the deposit on time to reflect on the cardholder’s billing statement.

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    Introducing.. Chargeflow

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    What Is Chargeflow?

    Chargeflow is a fully-automated chargebacks mitigation Solution-as-a-Service that enables you to scale your business without being hampered by disputes whilst providing in-depth analysis.

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    Reclaim up to 2X times in revenue recovery from Shopify disputes!. 100% automated solution

    Fraudulent chargebacks are being performed by dishonest customers who just want to get free products, resulting in merchants forced to issue incorrect refunds. Chargeflow's mission is to solve the multibillion-dollar problem of friendly fraud.

    How Does Chargeflow Fight Shopify Chargebacks?

    Chargeflow is a made for eCommerce merchants solution by eCommerce entrepreneurs. Chargeflow was designed by eCommerce veterans who were fed up with the daily uphill battle of mitigating disputes. Since we were able to achieve an 85% win rate and automate the process internally, we created a solution for Shopify merchants that would automate every chargeback-related task without compromising customer relationships.

    1. Retrieve new disputes & chargebacks; Linking them with orders & delivery data
    2. Calculate the projected success of the dispute, by utilizing advanced algorithms
    3. Generate tailor-made dispute evidence gathered from multiple data sources
    4. Receive a real-time dispute status update from the payment gateway

    Chargeflow Key Benefits

    1. Success-based pricing, only pay when you win & Industry-leading win rates

      shopify robust dispute respone solution

      Per Chargeflow, Don't settle for mediocre, non succes-based results. At Chargeflow, our merchants benefit from industry-leading win rates of up to 85%. We're so sure of our success rate that we only charge a small fee on top of the amount we successfully recover for you and your business.

    2. Fully-automated, no intervention required
    3. shopify fully automated chargeback recovery mangagement software

      Per Chargeflow, No other company on earth features full automation, from signup, to integrating our system with your platform and payment processor, to responding to disputes and winning them. With Chargeflow, once you've signed up, you cannot worry less about disputes and chargebacks. We got your back.

    4. Personalized evidence tailored to your business
    5. One dashboard for all disputes
    6. Access to in-depth dispute analytics
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    Chargeflow Other Major Benefits

  • Quick & Simple Onboarding - It takes just 2-clicks to integrate with Chargeflow app! After completing the integration, all of your chargebacks will appear immediately, linked to their order data, and we'll take it from there. From this moment forward, the dispute process will be automated.
  • Active integrations - Shopify Payments, Stripe & PayPal
  • shopify paypal stripe chargeback fee recovery

    Tight Integration with Shopify. And an even tighter one with PayPal Being the world's-first Shopify Dispute Automation Service allowing us to take full advantage of the Shopify ecosystem with our quick, robust integration, and pull relevant data to help us recover more disputes for your business. Our PayPal integration is robust and does not require any coding or API connections, unlike other services.

  • Great alternative for other fraud solutions that provides - Fraud prevention, fraud filters, prevent, paypal tracking sync, fight fraud in shopify
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    Chargeflow Key Features

    1. Chargeback Evidence powered by AI
    Designed to help you win more chargebacks, ChargeResponse assembles relevant chargeback evidence from millions of data points (based on dispute reason), processes the custom-tailored evidence with Artificial Intelligent technology, and submits it directly to the issuer on your behalf. Human intervention is not required.

    2. ChargeScore: A Look Into The Future of Fraud Prevention

    dispute success forecast

    By analyzing thousands of transactions and leveraging Big Data, ChargeScore predicts with high accuracy chargebacks and disputes, helping our product increase success rates and improve merchant visibility.

    3. Security First


    Chargeflow uses industry-standard technologies to protect your data from unauthorized access and loss. Security policies for all sub-processors are documented and in line with industry standards.

    How to get started?

    Getting started is as easy. Download chargeflow free app in Shopify app store and start your 100% automated chargebacks recovery!

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