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REVEALED : How to Recover Amazon Chargebacks and Shortage Fees for Vendors and Pay Us Only When You Get Your Money Back*?

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C.E.R.A audit chargeguard review

Reclaim up to 70% of Amazon deductions. See the size of your prize with our C.E.R.A. account audit. Book a meeting & Get Started on FREE Audit! Shown above is a sample result of our audit.

Fighting Alone To Recover Amazon Fees?

Are you fighting alone to reclaim Amazon fees such as chargebacks and shortages? Are you stressed and worried by the number of fee recovery cases you have to file with Amazon to get back your money?

Are you seeing chargebacks such as PO on Time Accuracy, SIOC (Ships In Own Container), ASN Accuracy, No Carton/Content Label, Prep/Bagging, Rejected PO Rate, Numerous Shortages and other charges?

Are you trying to get your money back for your existing cases from Amazon while new chargebacks and shortage claims continue to pile up every day and make your head spin?

Amazon uses automation in many areas. Do you use automation to fight your cases? Do you have the technology, people with expertise in dealing with Amazon? Do you have people with extensive Amazon dispute management skills?

Do not worry anymore about Amazon cost recovey anymore! I and my team can help you! We can show you a simple, better, quicker and easier path to Amazon fee recovery.

Introducing.. Chargeguard and Senthil Natarajan, Certified Recovery Specialist

Chargeguard - Fee Recovery For Vendors - 1P
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What Is Chargeguard?

Chargeguard is an organization of passionate online retail specialists leveraging 40+ years of merchandising, eCommerce and shopper marketing to optimize growth and profitably on the Amazon marketplace and other eRetailers.

How Can Chargeguard Fight Amazon Fee Recovery?

Our CERA (Chargeguard Evaluation and Recovery Analysis - C.E.R.A) account auditing tool will reveal the amount of 1st party vendor chargeback and shortage fees that are recoverable. Our specialized dispute management team then goes to work to reclaim up to 70% of these fees.

cera free audit amazon chargeguard

You can't fight what you can't see. See the size of the prize with our C.E.R.A. account audit!

Chargeguard Benefits

  • Potential Recovery - We not only reveal the fees levied against your account. You get to see your total recovery potential by working with chargeguard.
  • Fight Amazon chargebacks and shortages easily quickly

    See your total recovery potential by working with chargeguard!

  • Fee Breakdown - In addition to seeing the total amount of fees and deductions you can understand the historical breakdown of chargebacks and shortages.
  • Recommended Powerful Fastest Easy amazon dispute resolution Software

    Understand the historical breakdown of chargebacks and shortages!

  • Repeat Offenders - Finding repeat offenders, paves the path to your root cause analysis, leading to the goal you dream. Minimize new Amazon deductions from the start.
  • Manage Amazon chargebacks and shortages

    With insights about your top, repeating deductions, the path to root cause analysis can begin. The goal: minimize new Amazon deductions from the start

  • Fee Timeline - With this benefit, you get an understanding of trends and seasonality when fees spike or contract.
  • 2 Year History - You get a full picture of fees and deductions over a 2-year period with our CERA audit, unlike vendor central providing visibility to only a subset fees and deductions for up to 1-year
  • dispute amazon chargebacks and shortages for 1P vendors

    Unlike Vendor Central providing visibility to only a subset fees and deductions for up to 1-year, our C.E.R.A. provides the full picture over a 2-year period

  • Dispute Activity - See what's been disputed and what hasn't, in addition to the total fees on your account and historical dispute activity.
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    Chargeguard Insight

    Access to Chargeguard Insights - Delivered daily, in real time, with the most insightful, action-oriented steps to positively impact the profitability and growth of your Amazon operations. That's chargeguard Insight for you!

    amazon fee recovery chargeguard insights

    Put a spotlight on Amazon deductions. Step out of the darkness of Amazon deductions and get a clear picture of chargeback fees and shortages with chargeguard insight!

    amazon cost recovery save time

    Visibility to fee and deduction data is a start. Chargeguard insight leverages data as a catalyst to drill down and identify key drivers and trends to nip the problem in the bud.. Awesome!

    How It Works?

    1. No Cost Audit
    The chargeguard evaluation and recovery analysis (C.E.R.A.)review puts the path to cash in motion. It’s a free, no-obligation audit of what the size of the prize looks like. Discover how much we can recover for you at no cost

    2. Account Kickoff - Never fight the fee battle again
    Your Certified Recovery Specialist and dispute management team will launch the entire chargeback & shortage recovery plan. Our team will work to identify root cause, submit and manage disputes and track recoveries while you focus on growing your business

    3. Submit Disputes - Dispute within scope. Ready, aim, fire
    We'll work to identify deductions dating back as far back as 5 years or as far back as data will allow. This data is then prioritized for optimal submission success. Progress will be tracked on so you know where we stand

    4. Litigate - A 3X action plan that fights tough
    We understand that working to recover Amazon shortages can be tough. So, we don't stop at just one dispute. We've developed a triple-action recovery process that fights against shortages to reclaim up to 70% of these fees

    5. Recover Money - Only pay fees you actually owe. Nothing more
    Approved disputed amounts trickle directly back to the account balance throughout the process. Refunds are credited to your Vendor Central account and paid out with regular disbursements. Expect 9 to 12 months to complete the recovery process. Cha-ching.

    How To Get Started With Amazon Vendor Central 1P Shortages & Chargebacks Fee Recovery?

    It starts with a free C.E.R.A. audit that shows you the size of the prize, exactly what we could recover for you from Amazon's erroneous deductions and fees. Complete our contact form or choose a time for a call so you can join the march towards recovery

    Getting started is as easy as...

    Step 1. Request No Cost Audit

    Just connect your account with our tool so we can pull data

    Step 2. Review results

    A specialist will review the C.E.R.A. report with you

    FREE CERA Audit Chargeguard OMNIIX

    Reclaim up to 70% of Amazon deductions. See the size of your prize with our C.E.R.A. account audit. Book a meeting & Get Started on FREE Audit! Shown above is a sample result of our audit.

    Step 3. Get your money back

    stop amazon fees for 1p vendors

    On your ready..

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    We'll begin initiating claims with Amazon!

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    Senthil Natarajan - Certified Recovery Specialist CRS

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